Our Success Stories

Here are what our members are saying about their experiences with Move360!

Josh spent well over an hour with me during my first session, a free consultation. We discussed my goals and he outlined his thoughts about structuring an exercise program. My initial idea had been to work with Josh for three or four sessions while I learned a routine I could use on my own. The level of work I did with Josh was so much more challenging and engaging than anything I’d ever done on my own, however, that I very soon decided I wanted to find a way to continue. I was learning so much, our sessions were so well designed and so varied, that I didn’t want to stop.​

Goal: Get Ready For A Special Event!

Josh has pushed me to achieve things I never knew I had in me. I joke with him that “this body doesn’t jump,” but now it does—it jumps rope, it jumps up onto a foot-tall step, and it jumps over a bench! When he gives me a new challenge, he reassures me that I can do it and he is there for me if I need him. As a result of working with Josh, I feel I am physically fit and have better balance. Both of these outcomes have improved my quality of life. I am amazed at what I do with Josh.

Goal: Get Stronger and Better Conditioned

A trainer? Me? Ridiculous! I am self-motivated, active, fit, and vigorous, or so I thought until the dance of aging—one step forward, two steps back—caught up with me. It’s not enough to be in better shape than most of your peers; that’s an easy one. But if you want to retain strength and energy into your golden years—and really, consider the alternative—you’ll need to work at it. You couldn’t have a better or kinder coach, cheerleader, and taskmaster than Josh. And for a bonus, you become part of the Josh community, a warm and interesting and just plain nice group of people who enjoy working out with him as much as I do.​

Goal: Look More Fit And Feel Great In Your Skin!


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